Download the VALOR ROV datasheet and find out the detailed specifications of the most powerful observation ROV in its class.

A versatile task manager, the VALOR ROV has the ability to manage complex tooling and sensor packages. It can carry out tasks that were previously only possible from significantly larger platforms. VALOR has been deployed around the world – Brazil, USA, Baltic Sea, UKCS, and Asia Pacific and has successfully completed various scopes of work, including UWILD, diver monitoring, scour assessment, anchor deployment and general visual inspections.




Inspects and cleans fixed steel and concrete platforms and floating wind platforms
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Inspects offshore assets for corrosion, damage and debris, without the need for divers
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Enables lower cost pipeline surveys
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Combines light weight with manoeuvrability and serious connectivity
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“I operated the Seatronics VALOR on a number of projects in 2021 which would simply not have been possible with most of the other observation class ROV systems on the market. The power and data on offer from VALOR is frightening, the ROV has five standardized user ports, each one providing software configurable voltages and 232/485/Gig Ethernet and are all fully networkable between topside and subsea.

I had heard all the Sales stuff but wasn’t convinced, that was until I personally experienced flying the VALOR in near 2knts. The thruster power is incredible and the mobility of the system is a real benefit, with mob/demob done in under an hour.

I found piloting the VALOR relatively straightforward and comfortable, it does take a bit of getting used to the power and how she moves, but once you find the right thruster trims and get your vert control tuned in – it’s a lovely ROV to fly. The Control software is intuitive and the ROV Hardware is bulletproof, if we did have issues Seatronics ROV team were able to dial into the Control PC to assist and carry out updates 24/7.

The team at Seatronics sat with me after each project and we discussed the good, the bad, and the next challenge. There is a real drive to continue to make improvements to the system and for the chance to integrate new technologies.” Mike Rennie, ROV Project Engineer


The VALOR ROV is available for rent or sale and is delivered by Seatronics, a brand in Acteon's Data and Robotics division. With its wide range of electronics equipment, Seatronics can integrate a large variety of survey and inspection tools to the system prior to mobilisation.

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